Because clicking is so 90s
Motion- and speech-controlled website
The award-winning website challenges user interaction online: It is the first website which can be controlled with gestures and voice alone.
The evolution of input devices for machines and computers shows: mouse and keyboard are only a temporary status quo in the human machine interaction. With the web application "Because clicking is so 90s!" this development is now promoted for the medium web. The trend towards native navigation, which has become increasingly important in the offline sector in recent years, is now ported to the online area. The goal is the user back away from the keyboard and mouse - in fact inadequate bridges of man to the machine - to lead back to navigation with native patterns such as gestures and speech. It is clear that all previous navigation methods can not be adapted one-to-one or even accepted at all. It is now appropriate to evaluate these new types of navigation with adapted movement, voice and operating concepts and use.
The advanced options through the audio-visual navigation of a website with movement and speech are exemplary revealed with a portfolio site. Besides the typical contents also in a special form of an interactive musical instrument (the so-called "Play"). Thus, this project creates a new awareness of alternative methods of navigation on the web but it also provides meaningful, elegant and exploratory applications.