The reactive audio-visual installation "Daemon" analyzes the never-sleeping and permanent alertness of an artificial intelligence.

Reactive audio-visual installation

Machines and artificial intelligence have permeated virtually every aspect of our lives and consistently are about to conquer the last bastions of human autonomy. The rational efficiency of high technology has irrevocably installed in our daily lives and their abstract semantics invades and replaces human communication. At all major intersections of our society, binary guards are installed to constantly review the decisions made by humans and to evaluate if there´s insufficient logic. And if not, to override the human decision immediately with an optimized solution. Do machines represent the more contemporary, ultimately perhaps even better humanoids and mankind gradually gets absorbed by this perfect system?

Consisting of three semi-translucent, spatial shifted surfaces, the installation represents a solid wall when entering the space. When no visitor is in the room, the installation is in balance and visualizes infinite planned tasks and processes: rational beauty. When visitors enter the room, the installation reacts and the perfect procedure gets more and more distorted. When the visitor walks into, through and behind the surfaces, his silhouette gets merged with the projected visuals and absorbed by the surfaces.

In situ at Prototyp Festival, Brno, Czech-Republic
In situ at Prototyp Festival, Brno, Czech-Republic

Reactive audio and visual stream

The reactive audio and visual stream of “Daemon” is triggered by the paths of visitors of the installation. Together with a pre-made logic, the captured parameters shape and transform a sequence and lead to a unique sonic and visual representation of this moment. Weights are chosen, so that the influence of visitors becomes minimal — barely even noticeable — making it hard to discriminate inherent from accidental behavior. The sonic sequences are originally generated through additive synthesis and tweaked particularly or entirely with pitch, gain, speed and noise addition.
As an ongoing series, the reactive audio streams from exhibitions of “Daemon” are recorded and released as an audio album, to analyze the diversity and differences from various triggers based on the same principle over time.

Interface with a triggered path, six channel audio output, visual output and controls for the sequences.
Interface with a triggered path, six channel audio output, visual output and controls for the sequences.
Audio album "Daemon#001" (kasuga016 / 09.01.2017)
Audio album "Daemon#001" (kasuga016 / 09.01.2017)

Production — KASUGA

2017 — Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin, Germany
2016 — Prototyp Festival, Brno, Czech Republic