"Interactive CI" is a touchless interactive experience to learn the possibilities of a new developed Corporate Identity in a simple and intuitive way.

Interactive CI
Interactive installation

For the introduction of their new implemented Corporate Identity, Swiss Post invited KASUGA to develop an interactive experience to learn and understand the possibilities of the new design rules. The touchless installation lets each visitor create an individual design following the general standards in a simple, intuitive and playful way.

By entering the installation space, a Hi-Res picture of each visitor gets captured and then shown on a display. When the visitor steps in front of the display, the application gets activated and specific design elements appear. By moving the hands, these elements can now be shifted and arranged on the taken picture within a certain time. After the design process, the created visual is instantly produced as a physical representation and made accessible online.

Color and language variations of the application
Color and language variations of the application
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Swiss Post

November 2016

2017 — Post CH AG Headquarter, Bern, Switzerland
2016 — Kameha Grand Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
2016 — Post CH AG Headquarter, Bern, Switzerland