The immersive spatial installation Terminal Beach unfolds a dystopian scenery at the interface of the virtual and the material world.


Terminal Beach
Kinetic installation

Designed specifically for the MAK Vienna, the London-based artist collective Troika (Eva Rucki, Conny Freyer and Sebastien Noel) unfold with Terminal Beach a dystopian scenery at the edge of time, at the end of natural life on our planet, and the interface of the virtual and the material world. In the eponymous animation film, a robot covered in black fur is chopping down the last tree on Earth to a soundscape of radio waves reminiscent of birdsong. The cinematic plot is continued into the real exhibition space where 3D-printed digital twins of recombined museum objects populate the a flooded landscape, whose wave movements are synchronized to the video with a DMX Linear Rail.

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DMX Linear Rail

MAK Vienna

2024 — MAK Vienna, Austria

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May 2024