The Mirror of Waves at the EU Council

The Belgium presidency of the Council of the EU installed the artwork The Mirror of Waves in the atrium of the Justus Lipsius building. The temporary installation of 150 motorised actuators with luminous spheres are an organic and poetic metaphor for society, a ballet of differences. The installation is on view until 30th June, 2024 in Brussels / Belgium.

The Mirror of Waves
DMX Linear Actuator LED (Pixel)


DMX LA LED, DMX LA Heavy and DMX Rotary Actuator

Three new variants for the DMX Linear Actuator are now available: The DMX Linear Actuator LED supports natively a LED fixture with up to 144 RGB LEDs (Matrix or Pixel mode), the DMX Linear Actuator Heavy can be used for weights up to 10 kg and the DMX Rotary Actuator offers a radial force up to 10kg/cm with 0.1 — 300 RPM speed.

DMX Linear Actuator LED
DMX Linear Actuator Heavy
DMX Rotary Actuator


Moving Patterns at Hannover Messe

The synchronized kinetic and digital installation Moving Patterns visualizes the intelligent correlation of physical and virtual processes at Bosch Rexroth. The installation was introduced during Hannover Messe 2022 at the Bosch Rexroth booth.

Moving Patterns


The Age of Data

Andreas Lutz is featured in The Age of Data, the latest book by Christoph Grünberger. The Age of Data is an anthology of genre-redefining data-based art featuring 40 artists, designers and studios.

Niggli Verlag
The Age of Data


Motion Study with the DMX LA Slim and the DMX LA Micro

The motion study with the DMX Linear Actuator Slim demonstrates a synchronized kinetic sculpture with 25 components and a sphere fixture. The motion study with the DMX Linear Actuator Micro shows an animated spatial surface with 81 components and two different fixture types.

Motion Study with DMX LA Slim
Motion Study with DMX LA Micro


Hypergradient at B39 Art Bunker

Inspired by the theory of Hermeneutics, the kinetic audio-visual installation Hypergradient analyzes the different interpretations of an impartial consistent statement. Currently on view at B39 Art Bunker in Bucheon / South Korea until January 05th, 2020.

Art Bunker B39


Introducing the DMX Linear Actuator

The DMX Linear Actuator is a modular kinetic component to realize large-scale physical variable surfaces or spaces. The modular concept allows custom arrays and stacks e.g. together with stretchable fabric, lighting modules or custom actuator forms to create imposing, unique kinetic installations.

DMX Linear Actuator


Interview with SLEEK Magazine

Andreas Lutz was asked by SLEEK Magazine to share his view on how companies and creative studios revolutionize the way we interact with the material world around us.

SLEEK Magazine #62


Offset XYZ at Kühlhaus Berlin

Imitating human behavioral patterns with derived, abstracted actions and processes, the kinetic sculpture Offset XYZ tries to establish communication with the human observer. Offset XYZ premiered during Gallery Weekend Berlin and is on view until May 21st, 2018 at Kühlhaus Berlin / Germany.

Offset XYZ


TVC Application for Audi

The Audi TVC Application is a specialized software solution for creating, adjusting and rendering formal consistent visual sequences across a broad variety of video demands. The software for both, the Mac and Windows platform, is now available for download in the Audi CI Portal.

Audi TVC Application
Audi CI Portal