The DMX Linear Actuator Micro is a modular kinetic component to realize granular, synchronized physical motion.


DMX Linear Actuator Micro
Kinetic component

Offering a fixed length with precise positioning, the DMX Linear Actuator Micro can be used to facilitate wide-range animated surfaces and delicate spatial movements. The modular concept of the DMX Linear Actuator Micro allows custom arrays and stacks e.g. together with custom fixtures, stretchable fabric or lighting modules to create imposing, unique kinetic installations. Together with the DMX LA Designer software, the DMX Linear Actuator Micro is fully accessible via software like TouchDesigner, Madrix, MadMapper and many other third party applications.

Technical specification
• 10cm length
• 1 — 150g push / pull
• 0.1 — 2cm/s speed
• 2 DMX channels (8bit Position, 8bit Speed) via DMX/I2C-Demuxer
• 5 VDC power supply
• Controllable via the DMX LA Designer software

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March 2020