Fairgrounds Night is an interactive augmented music video. The cross-platform symbiosis adds a rich interactive layer to every video by synchronizing with the viewers mobile device.

Fairgrounds Night
Interactive augmented video

The central element of the interactive video Fairgrounds Night is the QR code, which mostly has been used as a purely singular element f. e. in print or locally applied products. Now, the QR code is actively involved in the storytelling and offers synchronized alternative and interactive content on a mobile device at defined times, adding completely new layers to the actual story of the video. These alternative scenes include interactive 360° video, a selection of individual perspectives or links directly from the video to the real shooting location in Google Maps or to any other web reference.
The video is marked as “interactive augmented video” and can be played as a standard video for all platforms. When a countdown appears in the video, the mobile device with the pre-installed “Fairgrounds Night app“ has to be directed to the screen and the appearing QR code synchronizes the two mediums. The app enables the interactive, extended experience: Alternative scenes and content are displayed synchronously in time.
With this applied technique, an instant and free return channel (bidirectional communication) with individual participation is made possible. This concept works with every smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) as a bridge and without any further special or proprietary equipment. It´s also compatible with all TV sets (also old CRTs / tube TVs) and other playback scenarios, since there aren´t special hardware requirements.

Scenes from the "Fairgrounds Night" music video
Scenes from the "Fairgrounds Night" music video
"Fairgrounds Night" iOS app with selected states for the rich interactive layer
"Fairgrounds Night" iOS app with selected states for the rich interactive layer
Exhibition view at ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany)
Exhibition view at ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany)
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Juliane Götz
Benjamin Kramme

2013 — AppArtAward (Honorary Mention)
2012 — Webby Awards (Shortlist)
2012 — The FWA: Favourite Website Awards
2012 — Lovie Awards (Nominee)

2013 — ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
2013 — Campus Party Europe, Berlin, Germany

February 2012