SVAGBOX is an integrated system for touchless interaction and introduces eight basic applications as an applied vision for a touchless operating system (OS).

System for touchless interaction

The evolution of human-machine interaction has remained in a provisional state from the beginnings of the mouse and keyboard input to the established input methods by now. However, humans still have to adapt themselves to the computer and adjust their behavior to the technical given circumstances. This work reveals how we communicate with technology in general and introduces an applied vision and technique for interacting with the computer more intuitively to converge to the overall maxim for an coequal human-machine interaction.

SVAGBOX is an integrated touchless operation system (OS), which allows to interact with multimedia content such as video, pictures, text and music but also with more complex applications. This is made possible by using a distinct graphical user interface and a user experience concept for navigating interactive applications with human motion and human spoken language alone. SVAGBOX is a fully developed unit of software and hardware, but it is also configurable and extensible as a software solution for using it independently in different environments and hardware settings.

The integrated solution consists of an all-in-one hardware (processor unit, display, camera) and eight basic applications for touchless interaction. For use in multiple scenarios, there are two versions of the system: SVGABOX is the large version to establish a one-to-one situation of user and application, whereas SVGBX is a more compact hardware implementation but with the same functionality.

Front view of SVGBX with "Products" channel
Front view of SVGBX with "Products" channel
Side view of SVGBX
Side view of SVGBX
Near view of SVGBX with "Sketch" channel
Near view of SVGBX with "Sketch" channel


With the eight software applications — the so called channels — users can watch and play media files, interact with 3D data or capture video and photos. Furthermore, there is a channel for viewing and working with maps, a presentation mode and a sketch function. With the so called utilities, every channel can be modified and extended with various interaction and editor modules.


Photo Booth
The photo booth channel lets the user take a picture with the built-in camera. After activating a countdown, the user gets captured and then can stylize and apply various filters on his photo. This processed image can be shared online or directly printed out.



Within the presentation channel, SVAGBOX displays multi page PDFs as a progressive presentation stream. The user can move the slides up or down and highlight important parts of the content by simply pointing on it.



Like Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows, the media channel lists, previews and plays all media assets like images, videos, sound files and PDFs, which are currently available.



The products channel is conceived for the presentation of industry items. Interactive explorations with a 3D model together with corporate content and an integrated option for buying and instant payment are provided.


The maps channel provides a real-time representation of a card or satellite view of a specific location, based on Microsoft™ Bing Maps. The selected location can be searched, zoomed and navigated or extended with custom geo location data.



With the sketch channel, the user intuitively can make a drawing with various strokes and colors. Additionally, he can import an image from the Media channel and draw on it or insert graphical marks.



The ambient channel turns SVAGBOX into an interactive light source. By choosing and shifting various color and pattern settings, new light atmospheres can always be created.



The utilities channel offers an editor with the possibility, to add an textual input (gesture-based or with speech recognition) and various standard interaction elements to the other channels.

Concept — Christoph Grünberger, Andreas Lutz
Design — Christoph Grünberger
Development — Andreas Lutz
3D Animation — Florian Renner
Sound Design — Jens Fischer

Tech specs
Photo / Video: 1080p HD camera
Sound: Stereo sound system
Connections: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet
Measurements (SVGBX): 35 x 180 x 10 cm
Display (SVGBX): 24“, 1080 x 1734 px
Measurements (SVAGBOX): 130 x 220 x 100 cm
Display (SVAGBOX): 102“, 1080 x 1734 px

November 2013